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Can you imagine an external area, specially designed for runners, which offers unobstructed views of the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the rock of Philopappos, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, at the Zappeion, the National Gardens and the Lycabettus Hill?
We have great news for you as the ideal outdoor training area is here, in the heart of Athens, behind and all around the Kallimarmaro also known as the Panathenaic Stadium which is linked to the revival of the Olympic Games and the finishing point of the classical route of the Marathon.

The ideal running ground

For decades now, thousands of runners, have been training and at the same time gazing at the city's monuments at each step they make, on a charcoil soil of excellent quality, in the horseshoe of 500m which is located behind and around the stadium on the beautiful hill of Ardittos.
 Moreover, on the little streets of the hills, athletes and walkers have the opportunity to test their stamina on uphill tracks, to perform various exercises, and to meditate with yoga exercises.

Take the "right" way in and start exercising

The two central entrances of the sports area open at 7 in the morning and close at 10 at night and are located on the left side of the Stadium (Agra Street) and at the back side (Archimidous Street). Before leaving the city of Athens it is worth trying to work out in one of the most beautiful outdoor sports areas in the world.

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They combined their passion for cycling with their need to explore, and created their own routes. Away from the city’s noisy main boulevards and on to the smaller side streets, from the hustle and bustle of bus traffic to the seemingly motionless pedestrian streets, they discovered their tour guide within.
They meet at the center of the city, lend you a bicycle, traditional or electric, introduce themselves with a wide smile, discuss the route that you’ll be taking together at a slow, relaxing pace and talk to you about the things you’ll be seeing and learning about. The spots where you’ll be stopping. The hidden places that they’ll share with you so you’ll go away having had an authentic taste of the city of Athens.

Learn while cycling

Choose from among the bicycle guiding groups travelncycle, Athens Bike Tours and Athens By Bike and get your first taste of the freedom and flexibility that a bike tour offers, together with an excellent overview and feel for the city. The city of Athens is just the beginning, as these cycling guides have a myriad of proposals for you: they go up mountains and cycle around islands, and nothing will stop them. Follow their lead.


The 365 days of the year are filled with special holidays “created” to remind us of the obvious. What’s before our very eyes that we forget to place any special value on. Things we have that aren’t usually counted in our blessings. St. Valentine’s Day is one such day. The day of Love. A day to tell our other half that we don't want to live without them.

Gifts made in Greece

A day that goes hand-in-hand with a gift. A gift that is made in Greece. Because in Greece we make magnificent products – jewelry, foods, decorative objects, clothing, accessories, drinks. Because we live here and share the same bright sunshine and, through our love, we can support this land of ours.
Take a stroll through the streets of the city center and stop to admire the window displays in shops offering traditional products: a handmade chocolate bar that is beautifully wrapped, or a homemade jar of jam that goes perfectly with a box of delicious biscuits, lovingly made in a women’s cooperative, waiting for you to surprise someone with. “Outside the box” ideas in soaps, natural, handmade with aromatic prickly pear, aloe or honey… beauty products that are chemical free, organic and infused with the scent of the Greek land. Jewelry, creations of limitless imaginations, with price tags for all budgets. CD’s with traditional or contemporary Greek music hits that travel the soul and enchant listeners in Greece and around the world.

Take an online look

Love has many faces, just as creativity does in Greece: a medley of ideas that have come to life and compete for beauty and uniqueness. Before you head out to the shops, have a look online: The abundance of selections will make choosing difficult.


At the end of pedestrianized Dionysiou Areopagitou Street begins Apostolou Pavlou Street and its dozens of outdoor stands selling all manner of handmade accessories. And at the end of this begins Akamantos Street, with its stylish cafes, perfect for a long coffee break and a good board game. Lining the street are noteworthy buildings of elegant aesthetic, some renovated, others left to the ravages of time. All of them bathed in the Athenian light.
We leave Akamantos Street behind and head up the same street, which changes names and is called Stisikleous Street here. The commotion dies down. To our left, lush Philopappou Hill and to our right, buildings of a uniform style, forgotten through the passage of time, like a village setting for a movie shoot.

Stone homes and “human” courtyards

Small courtyards blooming with jasmine and geraniums, low wrought iron fences, small houses, old and made of stone. A few collect eggs from their urban free-range hens, others cut a head of lettuce from their vegetable patch. Everything here is reminiscent of a Greek village, even of one from the last century. And yet. You are in the center of Athens. Just minutes from the Ancient Agora, the Acropolis of Athens, behind Philopappou Hill, just steps from the bustling neighborhood of Koukaki. Stroll through this small corner of the Petralona area. A secret, unchanged side of the city.