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For seven days in Athens and just as many in Thessaloniki, the Francophone cinema is honored with new films for the competition section, old classic movies, animations and parallel action movies from the French and Francophone cinema, offering to the lovers of the widescreen, diversity in the production and expression.

Thematic and tributes

Francophone countries with productions which already stand out, winning audiences and critics at festivals, French new films from a wide range of themes, tribute to the scene of animations, experimental cinema with live musical accompaniment and a special tribute to movies which drew inspiration and themes from the worldwide literature, compose a very interesting film program, full of feelings, reflection and opportunities for creation.
Everyone, younger or older, who discovers a new world of celebration and emotion in the dark auditoriums, is invited to the festival.

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On March 25, Greece commemorates an important religious festivity, the Annunciation and the great turning point in its history, the revolution that brings the country close to the West, the beginning of its liberation.

A stroll in sunny Athens with the military parade

Since 1838, when the joint festivity of the two celebrations was decided and it is like this until today, every March 25 we commemorate the struggle of the Greeks with a big military parade in the city center which attracts the interest of adults and children, as a big, spectacular event.
The main streets around the Hellenic Parliament get closed; Amalia avenue becomes the parade point and the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, the point of greeting the grandstand. When the parade finishes, we all gather to taste the traditional dishes of the day which call for hake with garlic, legumes, vegetables and halva.

The traditional flavors of the day are waiting for you in Cafezoe

At Athenaeum InterContinental Athens, the culinary touches of Cafezoe chefs add variety to the tradition by creating mouth-watering flavors: Shrimps with olive oil and lemon, smoked salmon, fish roe salad, fava, octopus, aubergine salad dip, cuttlefish, but also chicken and meat dishes for those who are not fasting and of course fried hake for everyone! Dessert surprise, warm donuts with plenty of honey and cinnamon escorted by ice cream.

A day of feast for children

Another surprise of the day! The specialized educators of Kidarte who care about the joy of children give carefree moments both to children and their parents!


The name «Marathon» has traveled around the world through the famous battle of the Greeks against the Persians, through the classic route of the homonym street, through the famous Archaeological Museum, through the artificial lake.

The dam and the artificial lake

The renowned Marathon, which is ideal for a one day journey, has a beautiful artificial lake, created in 1931 to supply water to Athens. The well-built dam holds the necessary amount of water from two streams that used to fall here. The lake hosts a variety of species and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

The famous battle of Marathon

From the peaceful beauty of the Marathon Lake to the Tomb dedicated to the fallen in the victorious battle of the Athenians and the Plataea against the Persians.

An extraordinary archaeological museum

Not far away, in Vrana location, is the Archaeological Museum of Marathon which was erected in 1975 on a site where rare archaeological findings were randomly found. Part of the Trophy in memory of the victory of the Athenians, ceramic exhibits from the Neolithic period, pottery of the Geometric, Archaic and Classical periods, marble works and tombstones of Roman times.
A journey into Greek nature, a journey to the rich Greek history, a full-day excursion to Marathon.

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The tallest of the four mountains in the region of Attica, Mount Parnitha in northern Athens is an area of especially impressive natural beauty, which showcases the flora and fauna of the land that is its host. Part of the mountain is a National Forest reserve, a precious refuge for wild animals and birds.

Choose a trail and your companions and discover the mountain!

Discover the natural richness and beauty of the mountain for yourself, on its well-maintained walking and hiking trails. Choose from among the twelve most popular routes the one that best suits you in terms of time, distance and the altitude that you wish to cover. Find out more information from the mountaineering associations that are active on the mountain and enjoy a different kind of day out in the bounty of nature. The kind of day that only nature can offer free of charge.

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