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They are not exclusive to Greece but they herald the start of Greek summer. They are not a luxury in themselves, yet, they add an unparalleled touch of luxury  to our lives. The sound is not first-rate and the picture might be shaky but they are the best show for our minds and souls. The summer cinemas, like open arms waiting to embrace us, scattered in every corner of Athens and suburbs, on the islands and even in our villages, from the middle of May to the end of September are the best summer entertainment.

The Greek summer cinemas placed  among the best in the world

Most of them laid with gravel like back then, at the start of 1900 at the open-air screenings on unpaved roads, summer cinemas keep company to our summer evenings with a soft drink and hot popcorn in our clutch. The American network CNN featured one of these cinemas, CINE THISSION, as one of the most beautiful summer cinemas in the world, probably because you are looking at the screen and the Parthenon directly in front of you at the same time! Only two years ago The Guardian included the Cine Paris at Plaka and the KAMARI in Santorini, among the 10 best cinemas in the world.

Start from Cine Thission

Even if you are not a cinema fun, pick one of the dozens of cinemas at the centre of Athens and take pleasure in everything it has to offer. Who knows! By the time you leave, you too might have converted to one of the millions who believe cinema is heaven.

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150 participations, 21 countries, 800 artists. Sometimes numbers can be deceiving. In the case of Art-Athina they verify a custom’s endurance to the passage of time. A custom developing rapidly and by now sought after by everyone who is interested in the international scene of contemporary art.

Art is unfolding its potential at the seaside front of the city

At the Faliro Tae Kwon Do Arena, on the 26th to the 29th of May, the international come-together of contemporary art, loyal to its rendezvous with the lovers of the genre, opens its doors to welcome dozens of galleries from Athens, the rest of Greece, Turkey, the Balkans,  Europe. Exhibitors and exhibits state with a roar the incredible potential of art that captures our times, interprets them, transfigures them, camouflages them, uses them to rouse emotions, to give food to the brain to process and puzzle over, to move steps ahead.

Platforms Project@Art-Athina

In Art-Athina of 2016, the specially arranged and divided space of Tae Kwon Do stadium is expected to welcome over 40,000 visitors, surpassing last year’s record and at the same time it will host an impressively number of exhibitors, increased by 25% when compared to last year. In an activity parallel to Art-Athina, the Platforms Project@Art-Athina will present 51 platforms-actions of artistic groups from 17 countries and with the participation of 650 artists.

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The fist coffee festival of Athens for coffee lovers who literally can’t live without it. For professionals with know-how and gusto, for those who want to relish in its secrets, to learn the varieties and its preparation method, to buy, to enjoy.

The countdown has begun

From May 13 at 2pm and up to May 15, Technopolis in Gazi will emanate the intoxicating aroma of coffee, entrancing even those who don’t include it in their favourite drinks.
More than 150 companies of coffee trading will offer to the public coffees from Africa, Latin America and Asia with differences in the roasting methods, while experienced and multi award-winning baristas, specialising in methods of coffee preparation and presentation, as well as professional roasters will offer training seminars to the public.

Stay tuned

The website of Athens Coffee Festival will keep up to date those of us united by our fondness for coffee with continuous updates and a detailed event and seminar programme.

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The Olympic Flame, from April 21 and for seven days will be travelling across Greece to "announce" the event of the Games. The fire symbolizes the victory of man, rationale, freedom, ingenuity, the contribution to man.

The message of the offer and solidarity

Throughout its route from the lighting of the torch of the first rotor and the start of the torch relay till the flame ends its journey at the Panathenaic Stadium and its delivery for its big journey to Rio de Janeiro, the Flame generates feelings to those who see with the soul too. It signifies the power of creation that only the man has and can translate it into acts of solidarity.

On the way to Rio

After seven days of torch relay, seven days with the lit torch held high, to keep the light of the idea of the Olympic Games lit, on April 27, at Kallimarmaro, the Flame will be given to those who need to keep it high up to perform fair races.

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