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Beer Month at Bistrot Vienna! Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and likely the oldest alcoholic beverage – dates back 4000 years ago! The production of the beer is called brewing which involves fermentation of starches, i.e. sweet malt from barley, bitter hops, sometimes spices and herbs and with the fermentation process beer becomes one of the most popular alcoholic beverages - in the world. Enjoy unique varieties of beers such as blond, red, black, bitter, very bitter, sweet, fragrant, and always chilled, with or without foam.

A thousand years foolproof recipe

Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Ancient Greeks, Thracians, Armenians, Celts, Bavarians, prepare and enjoy beer with almost the same recipe: water, barley, yeast and later hops and more grains in place of barley. Today, beer is still one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

Beer accompanied by mouth-watering dishes

Throughout March, beer, the drink that is loved by almost all of us and which certainly quenches our thirst, has its honorary at Bistrot Vienna from 6 in the evening till midnight, escorted by mouth-watering flavors of your choice: salmon fillet with portompello mushrooms, lamb with barley seeds and bitter chocolate, pork cutlets, octopus with fava, delicious desserts ... and if beer is not yet one of your favorite beverages it will surely become one at Bistrot Vienna! All throughout March!

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Dedicated from us to you, for whom every love song is a reminder of your one and only, your beloved.

Join us for an hour or the entire day… We have planned this day that celebrates love meticulously so that it will remain forever in your hearts. At the Café Vienna for a hot drink and delicious dessert accompanied by piano music; an enjoyable meal from one of the rich menus at the Bistrot Vienna or award-winning Premiere with its stunning views of the Acropolis and live music; or perhaps a glass of Champagne at the colorful Tobar; an overnight stay in one of the city’s most stylish rooms; breakfast in bed, or at the Cafezoe; beauty treatments for two at the I-Spa VIP Couple’s suite with its relaxing Jacuzzi.

Taste and accommodation recommendations

Whatever you choose, whether a brief “escape” or an unforgettable evening and enjoyable breakfast, the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens opens its doors and offers unique moments for just the two of you this Valentine’s Day.

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The meeting spot for our Sunday afternoons, Cafezoe is bursting with life: intense, laughing, boisterous. Our Sunday lunch table is filled with taste treats from the rich buffet lovingly prepared just for you in the kitchen of the Hotel Athenaeum InterContinental Athens.

The Kidarte team ensures that kids have fun

In the handsomely decorated Cafezoe, relaxing and cozy, parents can unwind worry-free. The expert Kidarte team hosts entertainment for your children, always so eager to get up from the table. Interactive games for kids, “smart” activities that will sharpen their wits while putting smiles on their faces fill our children’s afternoon, so we can take a bit of much-needed time just for us!
Sundays at Cafezoe become soothing and enjoyable, full of stress-free moments for us and our loved ones.

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“Loukoumades” (fried Greek donut bites) are among the most typical of traditional Greek sweets, as their main ingredients, including good quality oil and pure honey, are quintessential products of the Greek land and an absolute must for their success. Their aroma is very nearly intoxicating. Their taste takes you back in time to childhood, when crispy loukoumades filled your mouth, their warm, fragrant flavor bursting with thyme honey and cinnamon aplenty.

Every evening until the end of January

With these ingredients of success, the pastry chefs of our very own Café Vienna will be serving their freshly-made, delectable loukoumades from 18/1 to 30/1, filling the air with the sweetness of Greece. Honey, nuts and abundant cinnamon combine their heavenly scents with those of melted chocolate and hot drinks, lending the warmth of the sun to your winter days.
Keep a spot open in your daily schedule for the cozy Café Vienna. A moment just for you during your busy day. For you and for those that you’d like to share it with.

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