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Our dinners will be Greek for one month. At Bistrot Vienna, in the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens, Greek cuisine, creative, fresh and rich in nutritional value, wins the preference of even the few skeptics that have not yet succumbed to its charm.
Fresh salads from the rich variety of the local Spring products, new creative proposals based on  tasty recipes of  traditional cuisine, light versions, with magical drops of olive oil, fresh fish, and colorful vegetables, enrich a menu which is entirely Greek and irresistible.
You have one month to try all our proposals. From a starter to the last "dessert" dish of the day.

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On the first day of spring, 1500 chefs across five continents will celebrate the French gastronomy, "cooking" à la French. For a second consecutive year, the Goût de France or Good France will be celebrated on March 21, with meals that will be served "concurrently" in restaurants that have been chosen to honor the creations of the French cuisine. Innovation, high-quality, environmentally friendly cuisine, sharing, joy, respect... are some of the characteristics of a cuisine which is worldwide recognized as a synonym to the haute cuisine.

The French cuisine at Première

Première is one of the restaurants participating in the celebration of the French taste! On March 21, French cuisine will have its honorary with flavors that glorify it: Vegetable roots with quail eggs, turbot cooked with coconut milk, smoked pigeon with celery, goat cheese with thyme and honey. A feast of flavors on dishes of fine art and technique.

From the Middle Ages and the Florentine cooks to present

The history of French cuisine from the Middle Ages to date is linked with incredible taste combinations, designed in detail and executed exceptionally with the highest quality materials.
It flourished in the 16th century with the marriage of Henry II of France with Catherine de Medici of Italy, who brought Florentine cooks with her with refined tastes with an emphasis on spices and condiments that make the meals distinct and enrich the French table. Throughout the centuries, it was "mixed and mingled" with other cuisines and cultures, expanding the variety of its combinations and dishes and in conjunction with the famous French cheeses and the exquisite French wine, it became a synonym to well-being and good taste.

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A fasting day, a public holiday, a day that Christians are cleansed both physically and spiritually. On Clean Monday Cafezoe serves Lent meals that shall lure us to one last mischief of tasting and wine drinking just before the 40 days of fasting.

Our traditions hold us tight

Unleavened bread, the famous Lagana, seafood and vegetables, are the traditional meals for the day. In the sky, thousand of kites make up a colorful game of joy for adults and children.

Traditional flavors à la Cafezoe

In Cafezoe, our hearty buffet, full of colors and aromas shall whet your appetite. Shrimps smoked fish, oysters, squid, all skillfully cooked by the chefs of our hotel. The necessary side dishes are right next to them with fanciful vegetable and legume dishes luring us to another palatable try. As for desserts, irresistible halva, apple pie, florentines, fresh and refreshing fruits await you to try them.

Clean Monday in Cafezoe. Enjoyable for adults and children!

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59 days before the Holy Week, and more specifically on the Thursday (“Tsiknopempti”) of the second week of the Triodion, known as the “Kreatini” or the “Meat Week” in the Orthodox religion - due to heavy meat consumption even on Wednesdays and Fridays which were considered as days of fasting - the air is flooded by smells of grilled and stir-fried meat for a hearty dinner, just before the long fasting of Lent. But enough with tradition…

Fat Thursday at Cafezoe

At Cafezoe of our hotel, on the evening of “Tsiknopempti”, March 3, the menu is enriched appropriately to match this great occasion of celebration, joy and fun.

A sumptuous buffet with cold and hot dishes

The cold dishes of the buffet which includes salads inspired by the Greek traditional cuisine, and a variety of Greek cheeses, join the range of hot dishes which include chickpea soup, roast pork, grilled chicken, small beef chops, lamb chops, rustic burgers and sausages and a grilled grouper for fish lovers. Desserts include irresistible “touloumpakia” (syrup based pastries), mini custard filled pastries and yogurt with honey and walnuts, but also, favorite desserts of the “western” confectionery art.
This “Tsiknopempti”, Cafezoe will be sending “smoke signals” for culinary meetings of a festivity for which the upcoming fasting provides the best alibi for delicious tastings without compromise!

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