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Seasonal produce painstakingly selected for quality and flavour, together with childhood memories, a true love of Mediterranean tastes, and years of experience and deep knowledge – have all been lovingly combined by a world-class team led by the renowned chef Michalis Nourloglou to produce the new winter menu at Première.

Second to none

Michalis Nourloglou, one of the leading chefs of his generation, has a vivid memory for tastes and flavours, years of experience at award-winning restaurants around the world and a well-known commitment to fresh, seasonal produce. The menus he creates are a carefully-researched and inspired array of dishes featuring the nutritional value and taste of select fresh ingredients, artistically presented for maximum effect and pleasure. With selections for every taste from all the food groups, Première’s menu is a fascinating thing in itself, worthy of study and attention – with only the restaurant’s amazing view for competition.
You can also choose from a world-class wine list of over 300 labels, which our experienced sommelier can help you pair with the dishes of your choice. These wines, including many rare and vintage labels from both foreign and domestic vineyards, perfectly complement the new menu at Première and provide connoisseurs and oenophiles the ultimate tasting pleasure. This exceptionally well-researched and carefully-curated wine list includes 40 wines that are now available by the glass, adding further flexibility to your dining experience and leaving you with months of fine memories from your special evening at Première.


Although located in northern Africa, Morocco has a distinctly eastern feel and is known for its contrasts and incredible charm, its high mountains and boundless beaches, and its multicoloured cities, both modern and medieval, with their labyrinthine markets redolent of perfumes, spices and exotic tastes. And so it is Moroccan cuisine – featuring the all-important spice cumin, with slow-roasted lamb (mechoui) and a mouthwatering vegetable dish (tajine) – to which Bistrot Vienna has dedicated January’s menu, welcoming this new year of gastronomic delights in rich and spicy fashion!

A mix of cultures – a blend of tastes

At Bistrot Vienna in January you can surrender to the charms of an inspired blend of Arabic, Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine, with notes from Europe and sub-saharan Africa, enriching your dining experience with a colourful cuisine you’ll never forget – especially if you love spicy tastes.

A “spicy” menu for every taste

Start your meal with lamb keftedes (meatballs), flavoured with lemon and olives and served with fresh, warm bread; or try the chicken with ginger served with hot couscous. The spicy journey continues with two more choices: cauliflower soup with almonds and coriander pesto - or rice with chicken, apricots and chickpeas. For dessert, semolina cake with almonds and date syrup.


This Christmas, give yourself a valuable gift. Stay near your friends and relatives and enjoy a little luxury with a stay at a deluxe 5-star hotel. Dine at the Cafezoe or the award-winning Première, spend the night in one of the deluxe rooms at the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens and live your dream, close to home but far from the routine.

Christmas and New Year's Eve at the Première

On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the Première restaurant, multiple winner of the Golden Chef's Hat award, will be gazing over Athens with live music and a menu of selections masterfully prepared by the chef and his creative team. Pumpkin mousse, crayfish with ravioli and chestnuts, goat's milk cheese with baked celeriac, smoked foie gras with orange, Black Angus beef with creamed potato, and meat with caramelised onions and wild mushroom sauce are among the menu choices. For dessert, there are selections for all tastes, while New Year's Eve will feature the traditional vasilopitta cake.

Christmas and New Year's Eve at Cafezoe

A restaurant with award-winning dining areas and inspired cuisine. A buffet loaded with a variety of irresistible flavours, accompanied by the sounds of live music. Cold dishes with seafood and carpaccio, roast turkey with chestnuts, roast leg of veal, tongue rolls with saffron, filleted beef or roast duck with orange. For dessert, try the familiar Yule log in a variety of flavours and the famous New Year’s log.

Christmas and New Year's Day at Cafezoe

For Christmas and New Year's Day, arrange for you and your loved ones to dine at a restaurant synonymous with top quality, in a distinct aesthetic setting to the sounds of Christmas music and the warm atmosphere that Cafezoe guarantees its guests. You will find a buffet full of selections for all tastes, including seafood, fish, traditional wild boar, turkey or beef, and naturally the irresistible chocolate Yule log and the famous Pavlova that will put the finishing touch on the holiday.

Stay in our 5-star rooms at special prices

From 16 December to 6 January, come and live the dream of a stay in the comfortable, hospitable and luxurious embrace of the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens. Select a holiday Superior, Deluxe or Club room together with lunch or dinner on Christmas Eve/Day, or New Year’s Eve/Day and take advantage of our special prices for the most enjoyable stay in the city. If it sounds like a dream, we assure you it is – and we invite you to experience it with us!


It is the most uplifting holiday for adults. And a favourite with children. A holiday that brings us closer to our families, our friends and loved ones, Christmas arrives to say farewell to another year and help usher in a new one. The countdown to Christmas has begun, along with the preparations for the holidays, particularly four special days: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day.

At home with friends

If you have decided that you would like to host a holiday party this year, the chefs at the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens and the pastry chefs at Café Vienna have prepared a special menu of flavours for you and your guests that reflects the gastronomic traditions of the season, prepared with select ingredients and made with expert care.

You choose and we deliver on time

Roasted turkey with traditional stuffing, beef Wellington with a foie gras sauce, and roasted suckling pig leg with winter vegetables are the three main selections our hotel chefs can prepare for you so you can proudly serve your guests. For dessert, try the famous Athenaeum InterContinental Yule log with a choice of chestnut, chocolate, white chocolate with strawberries and Black Forest flavours. No matter what you select, your guests will enjoy a gourmet meal made to the specifications of the holiday season. Send in your order early so you can focus on the rest of the preparations. Leave the tasty part to us.

Take a sweet break at Café Vienna

Starting 18 December and until New Year’s Day, leave the comfort of your Christmas-decorated home for a while and come enjoy the musical and taste selections at Café Vienna amongst our own bedecked Christmas trees. A musical trio of piano, violin and cello provide the perfect accompaniment to the desserts at the famous café that brought Vienna to the centre of the Greek capital.