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Lasagna Bolognese with authentic reggiano parmesan; cannelloni stuffed with rabbit (roasted in a casserole with onions) and gruyère; noodles with vegetables and mushrooms; pappardelle pasta with basil pesto. And for dessert: a mouth-watering yoghurt mousse with thyme-honey bavarois. However we describe it, the menu prepared by the chefs at Bistrot Vienna is unbeatable… and sublimely Italian.

Τhe very best ingredients

The interior of Bistrot Vienna is the perfect place for a gustatory adventure that will surprise and delight everyone in your party.

Italian cuisine is light and healthy – and very tasty!

Made with fresh pasta using only the finest ingredients and fresh local produce, the pasta dishes at Bistrot Vienna carry the rich aroma of an authentic Italian kitchen. During the month of August, you have a chance to explore - and become fanatic devotees of - this wonderful culinary tradition. Keep in mind that Italian cuisine is not a threat to your poolside figure. It is light, healthy and very very tasty!


Every Sunday, Poolzoe, the Athenaeum InterContinental’s poolside restaurant, invites you to taste classic Greek favorites made from the finest and freshest ingredients. Fragrant tomatoes with cubes of feta cheese and capers, fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes and pasta salads – all garnished with extra virgin olive oil.

Mouth-watering traditional Gyro

The main dish features either a chicken or pork gyro, pita bread, tomato, onion and tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip) - or a sampling of grilled country sausage, ribs and ground-beef burgers. All dishes are served with scrumptious potatoes and vegetables, grilled or sautéed. To top off your meal there is a choice of six different desserts. All of this unfolds against a backdrop of cool sapphire-blue water and is brought to you through the professional hospitality of the Poolzoe staff. Can you think of a better way to spend a relaxing Sunday lunch?


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Under a canopy of stars, Première welcomes the long Greek summer with a choice selection of unique taste combinations based on the riches of the sea, traditional meat specialties, hors d’oeuvres and salads featuring the freshest and finest local produce.

White asparagus cream with Botargo, kadaifi and shallots powder, red mullet fillet with artichokes, dill foam, quinoa and raspberry and cherry-shaped dessert with tonka beans and rhubarb by the talented Première Chef, Jean-Charles Métayer.

The impressive wine list from the finest wineries worldwide accompany the Première menu… And for a grand finale, chocolate soup or profiterole with yoghourt and mastiha, sorbet!

Summer evenings at Première remind us that happiness is cherished in memorable moments.


An oasis to chill out and relax, with our pool at your feet, cared for in every detail. Surrender to a comfortable sun bed with a natural, freshly-squeezed juice in your hand. Take an invigorating plunge in the blue water. Enjoy a delectable, mouth-watering low-calorie cold platter right next door. And of course, what better way to finish your meal than with an ice-cold, restorative coffee to accompany you in the afternoon hours while indulging by the sparkling water.

10am to 8pm for revitalizing laps and 25% discount on our menu

The ideal scene is right next to you at the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens, offering a fantastic holiday alternative for as long as you are in the city. From 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening, the hotel pool welcomes you all… a refuge from the blistering heat and a cool embrace that will relax and refresh your body and mind.

At Poolzoe

Is it time for a snack? Omelettes, sandwiches with fresh ingredients, a variety of burgers and pizzas and light refreshing salads are among the tempting choices on the Poolzoe menu for guilt-free enjoyment and a 25% discount. Available for you to choose from, are a splendid variety of fresh juices and soft drinks, tea, chocolate, coffee, wine, beer and the inspiring choices of alcoholic drinks.
Throughout the summer period, from morning to early evening, at the best setting: the pool at the Athenaeum InterContinental.

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