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It’s all about Burgers

In 1300, the Mongols place meat underneath their saddles in order to tenderize it, and the pounding it receives while they are riding produces a similar effect to the “ground” beef we receive from the butcher’s shop today.   In 1600 in the port of Hamburg, sailors eat meat wrapped in bread or with toast and onions.  At the end of the 19th Century, immigrants bring to the United States their own culinary traditions with the creation of the beef burger. And by the end of the 20th Century, the burger has taken its place in all the countries around the world – as a rich and juicy meal, and as a basis for creation and improvisation for chefs everywhere, with countless variations depending on local tastes and culinary traditions.

Today, the Burger takes over the menu at Bistrot Vienna

This year, Bistrot Vienna has dedicated the month of October to the juicy, unbeatable taste of Burgers, transformed by the magical hands of our master chef into Italian, Greek, Mexican and American versions. The recipe is classic: place between two slices of bread a variety of ingredients which enrich the flavor of different kinds of meat: chicken, lamb, veal and beef – covered in melted cheese and either spicy or sweet sauces. And on the side: homemade fried potatoes and a small salad. Every week this month, we bring you a new burger to try and one to keep in mind for the next time!

And even... Burger for dessert!

Burgers even work as a dessert, with chocolate and mango. This is a special surprise for fans of the genre – a fully realized pleasure as a final variation on this delicious theme. Only at Bistrot Vienna this October.


Café Vienna doesn’t want you to sit indoors while the sparkling days and nights of September are still sweet and tempting. Cool, refreshing salads featuring select seasonal ingredients and imaginative sandwiches and desserts for every taste and preference accompany the richly varied menu of fresh juices, sodas, drinks and other beverages – at all hours of the day.


Athens continues to pulse with a lively nighttime rhythm, still dizzy with warm summer temperatures. Evenings, however, are longer, cooler and carry the sweet scent of moist earth and flowers – a gentle sign that September is here. We welcome you now to Bistrot Vienna in the most delicious way.

Acclaimed American meats and exceptional side dishes

Among the favourite choices from the restaurant’s all-star menu are the various cuts of prime American Black Angus beef: filet, rib-eye and veal cutlets, served with our famous Portobello mushrooms, onion rings and horseradish-mustard sauce – or with potatoes cooked in their tasty and nourishing skins, green beans and tangy vinaigrette sauce.

The sweet finale of autumn

At Bistrot Vienna, the end of a meal is a celebration unto itself, sweet and irresistible – a classic finale with special touches by the restaurant’s master chef. Try our fresh, warm chocolate brownies with homemade vanilla ice-cream and orange compote – and let the sweet autumn evening bring you peace and relaxation.


As the moon swells, so too does our desire for a night out under the starry Athens sky. So why not visit one of the finest restaurants in the city, the rooftop Première – whose menu has so often been mentioned in travel guides and gourmet magazines? The view of the city below, the gleaming Parthenon, and the moon which outshines even Athens’ lively city lights; these are a backdrop for an unforgettable meal: appetizers, main course, dessert and drinks and the magic of the star-filled Attica sky. Summer nights in Greece and memories to last a lifetime.

One menu, dozens of tasty choices

From the Première’s rich menu choose the taste combination which suits your mood; select a wine to accompany your meal, and let your gaze roam over the moonlit city, with its hills and monuments and sea.

Première Bar: cornucopia of colours, aromas and combinations

Before your evening is over, go up to the bar and watch the experienced baristas fix the cocktails for which the Première bar has become famous. Rich in imagination, these are the creations of people with boundless joy and panache. Can you imagine a better way to enjoy the full moon?