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Days for celebration and sharing - love and warmth. Days when our loved ones want to be close to us and to each other. On these days, we invite you to come share our innovative, festive menu suggestions and state of the art services.

At the Première

On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, at the world-famous Première, with breath taking views of the Acropolis and an interior décor that redefines the concept of hospitality, we are preparing for your holiday pleasure a Gala dinner with live music. The Première menu displays the full magic of our creative chefs, who transform the finest natural ingredients - vegetables, herbs, fish and meats – into a feast you will long remember.

At Cafezoe

At the award-winning Cafezoe, whose architecture, design and warm atmosphere are the talk of the town, both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the buffet spread features a mouth-watering selection of hot and cold dishes. Seafood specialties like cockles, clams and oysters compete for your attention with such classics as roast turkey with chestnuts or our own Greek roast pork loin with quince. And for dessert, you won’t be able to resist the chestnut-almond log and numerous other sweet temptations.

Or at home

This festive season, host your family and friends at home… We can bring the holiday magic of our celebrated chefs to you. Roast turkey with savoury stuffing, Beef Wellington, roast pork with vegetables – and many delicious Christmas desserts – all these special delights can be brought straight from our kitchen to your home, so you can spend a relaxing evening surrounded by your loved ones.

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“We are grateful for the fruits of this good harvest and for all the blessings that are spread here before us at this table.” With these and similar prayers of gratitude the first European settlers in North America at the end of the 16th Century gave thanks to their Creator for the bounty of their Fall harvest. This feast, also known as “Turkey Day”, is celebrated each year in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November.

An inspired menu for a special day, November 24

At the Première, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in a fitting manner. Family and close friends, loved ones young and old, come together around a table to celebrate and share their gratitude. They enjoy a bounteous meal that reminds them of festive dinners at their parents’ dining-room table, bringing back fond childhood memories: pumkin soup for the first course, followed by fish and turkey courses with imaginative and stimulating combinations of chestnut, raisin and ginger sauce. And for a sweet finale: chocolate, pear chutney and ice cream.

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Lebanese Cuisine at Bistrot Vienna

Healthy and delicious, Lebanese cuisine is among the most popular in the world today. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, poultry and a little red meat (mostly lamb and goat) become the basis for a rich selection of dishes using creative combinations of ingredients full of flavor and nutritional value, seasoned with garlic, olive oil and lemon. This culinary tradition has inspired our chefs to create colorful, nutritious dishes with heavenly aromas for the entire month of November, served in one of the most beautiful dining spots in Athens, Bistrot Vienna.

For vegetarians and meat-lovers alike

Croquettes made from legumes (chickpeas, fava beans or broad beans), the well-known and ever-popular falafel, are served with the world-famous tabouli salad - fresh and fragrant leaves of parsley mixed with cracked bulgur wheat. Another winning combination is the Arab bread with fattoush salad: a delicious salad made from fresh leafy vegetables, cucumber and aromatic herbs, served with freshly baked Arab pitta bread. Sumac chicken, featuring the star seasoning of Arab cuisine, has a wonderfully tangy lemon flavour and comes with a fortifying side of hummus; or you can choose the lamb and rice seasoned with cashews. These two dishes represent classic choices for meat lovers looking for something both healthy and delicious. And to top it all off there is Lebanese mahalepi with coconut milk and pistachios in a glass – light and so refreshing.

Every Sunday, a festive feast at Cafezoe

Sunday is a day for feast and celebration… because it is so often pleasant and sunny – even in the middle of winter. Because it’s a family day, intense, exuberant and full of activities.  Because of the smell of a roast and potatoes in the oven and the sight (and taste) of a finely chopped fresh salad. Because we gather around a table for a few hours and tell stories of the week that was. Because we’re together: at the Athenaeum InterContinental in Athens.

Our Sunday dinner table is set for you

Our open invitation is from 12 noon until 4 in the afternoon, and we’re waiting for you at Cafezoe, the most chic and cozy spot in Athens. Our buffet is filled with home-cooked delights, lovingly prepared by the hotel’s own master chef. And there is such an abundance of choices: of appetizers; main dishes, both hot and cold; and every kind of tasty salad. But nothing tops our desserts, the crowning joy of every meal.

Along with our kids

For a little while before our meal and a little while after, in a specially designed area of the hotel that is not too close and not too far away, our little companions can play to their hearts’ content with the trained and experienced teachers and entertainers of Kidarte. Here they will spend their Sunday immersed in learning and playing and exploring in an experience they will both remember… and hope to repeat.

Information-reservations: +30 210 920 6777. Free for children up to 6 years old, and a 50% discount for children between 6 and 12.