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Première is the best restaurant in the city – and now has the best wine cellar too

Première has won many accolades and awards for its sophisticated dishes, its world-class service, its unique décor and its breathtaking view. Our new chef, Michalis Nourloglou, masterfully combines our traditional Mediterranean flavors with the techniques of haute cuisine – using the freshest seasonal produce. This ideal dining experience is topped off by Première’s newly expanded wine cellar, a diamond in its already sparkling crown.

A great wine cellar requires dedicated work and constant searching

The reputation and success of Première has attracted the notice of the best wine makers in the world – and has led them to entrust us with their finest wines to accompany our kitchen’s unique creations. Our wine collection has grown enormously in both breadth and depth: with new reds, whites and trendy rosés, so now our diners can choose rare vintages for every taste. Connoisseurs and those looking to explore fine wines from all over the world (and all over Greece, of course) have a new point of reference in Athens – and a delicious challenge.


Bistrot Vienna, at the heart of the hotel, draws us with its warmth around a well-laid table featuring slow-cooked hot dishes and fiery meals, ideal for the cold days and nights of winter. The restaurant, highly recognized for its décor, has won loyal followers looking for a variety of tastes and professional service in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

A menu that radiates warmth

The kitchen at Bistrot Vienna selects seasonal Greek produce, pairing fresh vegetables with the finest domestic meats – a must for cold weather – grilled and roasted with consummate skill. Enriching the regular menu with special dishes meant to warm the body and please the palate, Bistrot Vienna aims to create a sense of winter well-being: fricassee of black pork with fennel root, cannelloni with tender cheeks of veal and winter mushrooms Bolognese, slowly cooked chick-peas with spicy sausage and smoked paprika. For the final course: hot chocolate pie with plums, and to complement the meal, a fine wine of your choice – with our experienced wine steward to help you with your decision.


One of the longest nights of the year, when we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new with open arms and expectations: New Year’s Eve deserves extra attention and a special atmosphere – spent in the embrace of friends and loved ones, hand in hand looking forward to a new year together, filled with love and harmony.

At the Première

Our chefs present a buffet table that is a veritable cornucopia of flavors and variety: chestnut mousse with truffles and fricasséed mushrooms, smoked fois gras with cabbage, Black Angus beef with creamed potatoes - and for dessert: extraordinary Guanaja chocolate and gold leaves and, naturally, a traditional Vasilopita. In the background, the dazzlingly lit Parthenon, live music and exceptional service by people who really love what they do. A New Year’s invitation that is hard to turn down.

At Cafezoe

A smorgasbord loaded with hot and cold dishes too numerous to name – but featuring such standouts as beef Carpaccio, tender veal, roast lamb and venison. And for dessert: Black Forest Cake and chocolate New Year’s log. The music is live, and the service is outstanding. Come spend New Year’s Eve nestled in the coziest restaurant in Athens.

And at home

Impress your guests with the tastiest dishes of the past year and the most wonderful treats from the year to come. Turkey, beef or pork: whatever you order comes with all the finest side dishes and appetizers – the best gourmet cuisine in Athens, straight from our kitchen to your home at the time of your choice, without worry or fuss, so you can relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. And for dessert: a rich and impressive New Year’s chestnut log, milk chocolate, white chocolate with strawberries, Black Forest cake and Vasilopita – surely the best part of this or any celebration.

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