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With numerous awards and distinctions and located in a gorgeously designed open space high atop the hotel, Première gazes out over the Parthenon and offers world-class service and truly memorable cuisine. Dining at Première under the summer stars is one of Athens’ greatest pleasures.

Our menu – a rare and lustrous gastronomic diamond

Première’s chef has at his disposal the finest and freshest ingredients from every corner of the earth and sea – to imagine, compose, improvise and orchestrate dishes for every midsummer night dream! With summer spirit, vast knowledge and impressive experience, our chefs have crafted a menu combining fois gras with watermelon and chicory, octopus with cream and mango, scallops with mayonnaise oysters and cherry plums, eel with fruits and berries just to whet our appetite. And when we move on to the main course, lobster, grouper, veal and lamb all compete with each other in wonderful combinations with vegetarian dishes adding depth and variety to the bounty at hand.

One dessert – a thousand flavors

The desserts at Première are truly an experience. Famous among chocolate lovers are the “cylinder” and the “image of Santorini”, while those who prefer to end their meal with a slightly sour taste choose “the cube”. Finally, fruit lovers rave over Première’s “summertime surprise”. But whatever you choose, it is certain that the memory of your dessert will linger for many nights to come.


The word “meze” (appetizer) is inextricably intertwined with the concept, history and practice of Greek cuisine, and the list of traditional Greeks mezes is long and interesting. Mezes are modest in quantity and volume; they go well with other mezes, and, although they might not appear so at first glance, they can be a filling meal in themselves and are always delicious.

Mezes at Bistrot Vienna

All during the month of July, authentic Greek mezes will enrich the menu at Bistrot Vienna – bringing with them the tantalizing aromas of sea and summer. Greek dishes that we are accustomed to regarding as appetizers here become main courses, satisfying our hunger while stimulating our senses and imagination. Marinated octopus and anchovies, stuffed calamari, grilled aromatic talagani sheep’s-milk cheese, vegetables and spetsofai (spicy Greek sausage with peppers and tomato sauce) – become the main protagonists of dishes that also include honey, rice and aromatic herbs.

And for dessert, yet another meze

Flaky pie crust rolled around a healthy dollop of mouth-watering (and quintessentially Greek) kaimaki ice-cream – was chosen by our chefs as a grand finale for all those who appreciate (and cannot resist) a good meze.


Our Première Restaurant has won many awards for its imaginative, delicious cuisine – and for its breathtaking atmosphere as well.  With the advent of summer, we are opening our spectacular balcony   to the starry summer sights and renewing our menu with fresh seasonal produce – combined in winning combinations by our Master Chef Michalis Nourloglou.

Seafood and meat, delicately cooked according to the latest demands of international gourmet cuisine, with a Greek touch and Mediterranean flavors. Sea bass, crab, grouper, red meat and poultry, combined with the finest fresh summer vegetables, with sauces redolent of passion fruit and hillside herbs. Follow your taste’s desire, and surrender to the creative imagination of our chefs. Only pleasure awaits.

A vital accompaniment - wine

The Première is famous for its wine cellar, one of the richest and most interesting in all of Athens, with a collection of labels from the leading foreign vineyards and from Greece’s own award-winning producers. For any meal, our sommelier can recommend the perfect wine – which you can enjoy with a dazzling view of the Parthenon, the hills of Lykabettos and Philopappou, and the entire sparkling city of Athens at your feet, stretching right down to the sea. Under the balmy night sky, brilliant with stars, the warmth of summer hospitality makes for a night to remember.


With the catchphrase “Pizza Time”, Bistro Vienna opens its doors for a delicious June. Using fine flour from Italy, the freshest produce and top-quality cured meats and seafood from Greece, our chefs make the most original, tasty and satisfying pizzas in Athens.

Superb ingredients and Italian flair in an unbeatable menu

The list is mouth-wateringly delicious: mozarella, prosciutto, metsovone, Napolitan salami, ham, ricotta and fresh tomatoes, chili, cheddar and nachos, seafood and fresh basil. The pizzas prepared by our chefs are made with traditional Italian dough but with influences and notes from other cuisines as well, including Mexican and Greek, in order to please even the most discriminating pizza-lover’s tastes.

And for a finale, a sweet dessert pizza

Imagine Kalingo chocolate from the incomparable Valhora collection, delicious Nutella and oreo cookies, on a rich pizza crust. This is pizza in its sweetest incarnation, original and unbeatable as a grand  finale - with an unmistakably Italian touch.