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Improvised outdoor cinemas show all-time classic films in unexpected places: in squares, pedestrian walkways, by the sea and with archaeological sites in the background. Athens’ 6th Open Air Film Festival runs from June to September and in August features four screenings of landmark films, on the 19th, 26th, 29th and 31st, in four exceptional and romantic corners of the city.

4 films - for every taste

August 19, “Dressed to Kill”, directed by Brian De Palma and featuring the utterly captivating Angie Dickinson and (Sir) Michael Caine, will be screened at the Hellenic Film Archives. August 26, on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, the pedestrian walkway below the Acropolis, the incomparable Sir Lawrence Olivier stars in “Henry V”. August 29, the sardonic and eccentric Vincent Price stars in the wickedly funny black comedy “Theatre of Blood” in the garden of the Numismatic Museum.

And for the grand finale: the definitive Spaghetti Western

August 31, at the site of Plato’s Academy, fans of the Spaghetti Western will be delighted to see their all-time favourite “Once Upon a Time in the West” with a host of stars including Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale and Charles Bronson – under the direction of the master of the genre Sergio Leone and with a soundtrack by the brilliant composer Ennio Morricone.

Free – and in the best spots in the city

Entrance is free for all performances, and the festival’s enormous popularity over the past six years is testimony to its success. Thousands of film lovers have enjoyed one of Athens’ most special treats: an evening of classic entertainment under the stars in the most picturesque neighbourhood venues in the city.

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A few days before the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio, travel in time to the birthplace of the most important athletic festival in history, to Ancient Olympia.

History and culture

Less than four hours from Athens, Ancient Olympia, with its park-like archaeological site, temples and stadium, and its museum, which holds some of the world’s masterpieces of sculpture, comprises an extraordinary excursion into history, culture and nature. Here we can find the statue of Hermes by Praxiteles and the Nike of Paionios – along with countless momentoes from the modern Olympic Games.

Olympia’s natural environment

To stroll along the banks of the Alpheios, the largest river in the Peloponnese, is to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of nature – and to understand why Olympia was the ancient world’s most popular destination for athletes and pilgrims for three thousand years. Nearby beckons the beach of Kato Samiko, for an unforgettable swim in its crystal-clear waters – or the Thermal Springs of Kaiafas, in a setting of exceptional natural beauty.

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The road to Epidaurus is magical. A journey through the unspoiled Mediterranean countryside – with the sea always by your side, never far from sight – this is a typical Greek scene wherever you go. The destination this time is Epidaurus, where every Friday and Saturday during the month of July we travel to the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus and the majestic ancient theater of Epidaurus, one of the most important theaters in the world and in the history of the performing arts – in a magical landscape with the alluring sea nearby.

A tour and a swim

Schedule a tour of the theater with its amazing acoustics and its wonderfully preserved architecture filling the natural amphitheater of the hill above. With such images fresh in your mind, go down to the sea for a dip in one of the numerous coves and beaches with their clean white sand or polished pebbles. Just 100 km from Athens, the many beaches of Epidaurus offer lively company or utter peace and quiet.

Theater and music

Choose from among the many fascinating theatrical and musical performances, and enjoy an unforgettable summer evening of art.

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THE STAVROS NIARCHOS FOUNDATION CULTURAL CENTRE OPENS ITS DOORS... “transform” us: With this mission, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural centre invites the public between the 23rd to 26th of June to visit the Park and discover the variety of opportunities it offers for educational and sports activities to anyone wishing to participate. For four days and nights (literally), those who get here will get a very good idea as to how the Cultural Centre will operate when it starts operating officially.

The premises of SNCC

The premises of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, open spaces and buildings together, will have the capacity to host up to 32,000 visitors, while 4,000 of them may be hosted in the buildings created by the great Renzo Piano, the Greek National Library, the Greek National Opera, various auditoriums and projection rooms, reception rooms etc.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get acquainted with the best thing that emerged in the last few centuries in Greece from the cooperation of the private with the public sector.

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