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Even if we don’t know how to waltz or have never tried, we can’t help  swaying to its rhythms whenever we hear that distinctive melody. The many different versions of this classic dance all perfectly suit the spirit of the Christmas season, but the Viennese Waltz perhaps captures this spirit the best, “decking” our holidays with happiness and a sense of well-being.
The finest waltzes by the famous Strauss family (whose name is linked like   no other with the composition of this kind of dance music), melodic arias and famous polkas by the Strausses and their contemporaries – will fill the Christos Lambrakis Hall, lighten our hearts and bring to the Greek capital a taste of classical Vienna.

Exceptional Performers

“The Friends of Music” Society and The Johann Strauss Ensemble, led by the dynamic violin virtuoso Russell McGregor and soprano Vasiliki Karagianni, will give two matchless performances of these famous Viennese Waltzes – with all the feeling and artistry they deserve.
At the Athens Concert Hall for 2 performances on December 10 & 11.

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One of the oldest and largest museums in the world and one of the most important monuments in St. Petersburg, housing more than 3 million pieces of art, the Hermitage Museum has loaned 160 treasures from its vast collections to the Byzantine Museum in Athens and has received 120 works of Byzantine art in exchange, as well as 21 other works of art from the Byzantine Museum, the Benaki Museum and from a private collector. The exhibition, which will run from November 2 until the 26th of February 2017, is considered to be one of the most important in Athens this winter.

Gateway to History

34 oil paintings, 3 aquarelles, 9 sculptures and 114 works of decorative and applied arts from the 5th Century B.C. through the 20th Century under the title “The State Hermitage Museum: Gateway to History” vividly demonstrate the timeless relevance of art. Among these priceless treasures you can see: “Venus and Adonis” by Rubens, “Peter and Paul” by Theotocopoulos (El Greco), “The Immaculate Conception” by Murillo, the sculpture “Eros and Psyche” by Canova – plus wonderful examples of Greek jewelry and artifacts from the East. These rare works of art, in the splendid setting of Athens’ Byzantine Museum, will take you on an eye-opening tour of Eastern and Western cultures.

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2 dance performances, 4 days of pleasure

On November 4 & 5, the Onassis Cultural Centre brings to Athens the thrilling dance composition Sweet Mambo by the legendary Pina Bausch. Although no longer with us, her choreographies continue to inspire audiences around the world with their innovation and plasticity of movement. The most electrifying dancer in Britain today, Aakash Odedra, in the production “Rising” presents choreographies by the magnificent Akram Khan and by Russell Maliphant, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Odedra himself at the Pallas Theatre on November 5 & 6 for two performances, bringing together the best pieces that the international dance scene has to offer – and dancers who take us on an extraordinary journey through movement and emotion.

The grande dame of German dance-theatre

Pina Bausch created a host of unique dances within her own universe, which is tender, dynamic, melancholic, intense and sometimes violent. Her eloquent choreography reveals the everyday lives of people and takes us deep into our own experiences and unexplored selves. Pina Bausch (1940-2009) studied dance in Germany and the US and travelled all over the world through her creations.  In Sweet Mambo, her close collaborator of seven years, the set designer Peter Pabst, projected scenes from the German melodrama Blue Fox (1939) by the Russian director Tourjansky.  In 1980, her colleague and costume designer Marion Cito clothed the dancers in suits and evening gowns as a way of showing the role of fashion in the pursuit of our dreams and desires. Musically, Sweet Mambo is clothed in 18 different musical combinations. Enjoy your voyage of discovery.

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“Rising” star of the British dance scene featuring a constellation of leading choreographers

Aakash Odedra: the greatest dancer in Britain today. Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: three world-famous choreographers, three stars of international dance. When they join forces with the producer Sadler’s Wells, success is inevitable and the result – a fresh breeze and new currents of creativity. Rising carries us aloft during the course of its four different choreographies: IN THE SHADOW OF MAN explores the evolution of humans using a combination of modern movement and traditional Indian dance.  CUT celebrates the body itself, which here moves in ways bursting with energy and meaning. CONSTELLATION is a continuous flow of sound and light, while NRITTA, created by the dancer Odedra, cleanly harmonizes the female essence with rough virility, and these four pieces together result in an apotheosis of the art of dance.

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In the Lighthouse area of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center - Yiannis Moralis once again “meets” his friend Christos Kapralos through 50 works by the painter and 18 bronzes by the sculptor. This meeting takes place thanks to the exclusive support of the Foundation (SNF) and in close cooperation with the National Art Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum.

Αthens – Paris – Αegina

The two artists met for the first time during their studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts. There they formed a deep friendship, which they maintained in Paris when they met again through their common exploration of the emerging trends in modern art, while still remaining true to their classical values. Moralis and Kapralos continued to meet thereafter as well, both through their art and in their private lives as neighbors on the island of Aegina.

50 paintings and 18 sculptures

The exhibition presents 18 bronze sculptures by Kapralos (produced with a new technique: lost wax using gutta-percha plates) which brought him international recognition at the Venice Biennale in 1962. A career retrospective of 50 paintings by Yiannis Moralis are also presented, drawn from the National Gallery’s extensive collection and loans from private collectors as well. These paintings trace the artist’s growth from his early career to the classical abstraction of his later years.

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