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ΕXHIBITION: Yannis Tsarouchis - Illustrating an autobiography. Second Part (1940-1989)

We pick up the thread of Tsarouchis’ life where we left off at the end of the painter’s autobiographical exhibition three years ago. Here we explore 200 works by the enormously influential and productive artist from the 1940s until the end of his life in 1989. These works are curated and presented at the Pireos branch of the Benaki Museum to be viewed with ease and clarity in a space that helps us comprehend 49 years of creation, memories, philosophical musings, descriptions and meetings. Until February 26.

“With artists like Yannis Tsarouchis someone can read the entire history of a place as an illustrated book.” - Angelos Delivorias

Tsarouchis formed his work as he lived his life, as he knew and encountered people, as he conversed and exchanged ideas and as he participated in various situations. People like Alexander Iolas, Alexis Minotis, Maria Callas and Manos Hadjidakis all influenced him and were influenced in turn. In this exhibition the visitor will have a chance to read short texts written by the artist himself and enjoy a rich collection of photographs which will help them form a picture of Tsarouchis’ life and the influences around him – which are recognizable in his rich and iconic work.

Seminars and guided tours

Within the framework of this exhibition there will be educational seminars for groups of around 40 persons as well as guided tours on specific days and times by Niki Grypari, the curator of the exhibition and President of the Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation – as well as tours by other special guests whose names will be announced during the course of the exhibition.

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It has been quite a while since we’ve seen such good theatre: script, actors, direction – all harmoniously combining for an astonishing result. The scenario, masterfully written, builds gradually to a shattering crescendo, holding the audience in breathless suspense, unable to guess the ending, an ending which produces the ancient Greek sense of catharsis and reveals modern decline and decadence. A timeless work, “Dear Elena” by Ludmila Razumovskaya, moves us in fundamental ways because it is so thoroughly true. It happened, is happening and will continue to happen as long as there are Elenas and others. Featuring an astonishing Arietta Moutousi and her “students”, under the direction of Eleni Skoti. Probably until the 29th of January. Don’t miss it – at the Epi Kolono Theatre.

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Don Juan by Michael Marmarinos at the Onassis Cultural Centre

On January 25th, at the Onassis Cultural Centre, Michael Marmarinos will direct the “symbol” of romantic conquest, Don Juan by Molière. The hero provokes conservative society, calls love into question, strips both self and others naked without a moment’s hesitation. Whether mythical or real, he shocks the public without discrimination and elaborately reveals the dark side of human nature. From his earliest productions in the mid-1980s, the director left an indelible mark on modern Greek theatre, directing according to two basic tenets: “Theatre is art built upon the history of man”, “There is no moment in everyday life which is not theatre, once there exists the right glance or perspective”. For a limited number of performances only.

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A colorful mosaic of texts comprising excerpts from Hippolytus by Euripides and Phaedra by Seneca – by three modern writers: the dramatist Sarah Kane, the Nobel-prize-winning author J. M. Coetzee from South Africa and Lebanese-Canadian writer, actor and director Wajdi Mouawad. The great Polish director Krzysztof Warlikowski, who has captured international attention and admiration from his very first ventures, here casts a fresh perspective on classic texts from ancient Greek tragedies, Shakespearean drama and operas.
This new work stars the French actress Isabelle Huppert, who has transformed numerous “heavy” roles with her charm and dynamism. She was unforgettable in Claude Chabrol’s Madame Bovary and acted as muse to Jean-Luc Godard. An explosive combination, for three performances on December 20, 21 and 22 on the main stage of the Onassis Cultural Center.

An icon of self-destructive passion

A dramatic study of erotic love through the ages drawing on material from ancient and modern sources. Warlikowski directs Isabelle Huppert as the Goddess Aphrodite, as the mythical Queen Phaedra and as a sacred prostitute, love-struck and uncompromising. In each instance, Huppert is a “victim” of her erotic passions. An elegy on love from a true star, here working with eight other extraordinary actors all to the sound of an electric guitar. Mesmerizing – but unsuitable for young audiences.

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