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Plirofories katalogou Attikis

Dimitris Merantzas

Dimitris Merantzas' work is transpired by his preoccupation with the cinema. His compositions are based on mixed media where painting and photography are interrelated.


Nikos Charalambides

History, politics, religion, art and folk culture meet in Nikos Charalambides' work. The artist, using modern means such as digital printing, explores the connection between tradition and contemporary lifestyle.


Danae Stratou

Through her photographic lens, the artist showcases everyday life and the problems of those who live in downgraded and inaccessible areas around the world.

project.moments, Moments, 2008

Vasso Gavaisse (1973-)

Metallic paper, Plexiglas, 275x184x11 cm.

The work MOMENTS, in the main entrance, was specially designed for the Athenaeum InterContinental as part of an overall commission to decorate the Hotel’s 480 rooms. It represents the “mother” of project.moments – and was used to generate (by photojournalistic digital manipulation) 12 different images (HOURS) which are displayed together in the Lobby and were reproduced in forty copies each to decorate the rooms.